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    Chen Bing electronics has a strong R & D and technical support team, with a number of patented technologies, in many areas in the leading position in the industry, especially in the Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth speakers, card scheme, mobile phone Bluetooth Bluetooth Car balance treasure case, karaoke machine recorder, DVD, multimedia speakers, li...
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Part Number Brand Batch Package Stock Download
AC6969E JL 21+ SOP-16 100000
AC6969A2 JL 21+ SOP-16 100000
AC6969D JL 21+ SOP-16 100000
AC6966B JL 21+ SSOP-24 100000
AC6965E JL 21+ SSOP-24 1000000
AC6965A JL 21+ SSOP-24 1000000
AC6939B2 JL 19+ SOP-16 1000000
AC6926A4 JL 19+ QFN-32 100000
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